Playing Cards

These cards are made with a vision to promote our Nepalese culture by representing some of its cultural ethnicities. A deck of cards only has 4 kings and 4 queens due to which just 4 tribes were designed for now.



The design brings the culture with modern illustration techniques.


Every part of our card reflects some part of rich Nepali culture.


Cards are 100% recyclable, waterproof, and eco-friendly

Who are we?


Aum apparel – Culture, People and a Zen mindset.

We are a UK based clothing and accessories brand which aims to promote our Nepali culture.

We cannot even imagine expressing Nepalese culture and diversity just through words or a brand, this is merely a small step towards our culture to be known and cultivated in younger generation and western society.

The more we are introduced to new fashion the more we tend to forget our roots. We wish to show the beauty of Mechi to the colours of Mahakali.


Cultural Playing Cards

First step – bold step!

A.U.M.A is proud to introduce our first ever product in the market.

With these playing cards, we are trying to attract the younger generation to Nepali culture and introduce a small glimpse of deities and cultural attires. This can be seen in our idea of introducing new Kings, Queens, and Jacks which is perfectly portraited by our designer Nayuma Rai (ig @tama.rai)

Each deck is made up of 57 poker-sized cards including three descriptive cards. Our cards are covered in linen coating with foil stamping to give it a tactile feel and make it more durable. These cards are 100% recyclable, waterproof, and eco-friendly.


Cultural Playing Cards

Rs- 999

 A deck of cards only has 4 kings and 4 queens due to which just 4 tribes were designed for now